Svetlana Bykovec (Svett)

I lived in Huntington Beach, California, for over 10 years where I met my good friend Dawne. Together we organised many writing retreats and became board members of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. We have been dubbed the White Rabbit and Mad Hatter and still inspire and mentor writers.

It was through our writing group The Sand Scribes that we met Molly. I have always loved the beach, so when Molly approached me with a colouring book idea, I was as happy as a clam and started sketching. My illustrations took a wacky twist as I let the sea creatures personalities shine through.

My illustrations have appeared in magazines, book bags and t-shirts. My wiritng and poetry have been published in the US and the UK.

I returned to Melbourne, Australia in 2007, where I write, illustrate and paint surrounded by my pack - a bossy Schnauzer, Reggie, a diva Basenji, Bella, and a frisbee crazy Border Collie X, Moose.

When I'm not writing or drawing, you can find me hanging out at the tide pools along the Great Ocean Road, and looking for beach glass in the sand. My inspiration is fueled by my two awesome daughters, Natasha and Chloe, and supportive partner, Jeremy. They rock my world! Without them I would be like a hermit crab...still in my shell.

Get "tide" to the zone.

Molly Peckels

A transplant from Knoxville, Tennessee a few years ago, I fell in love with California and especially the Pacific Ocean. I “dove” right in and volunteered to be a tide pool docent for the Laguna Ocean Foundation.

Being a certified teacher, I saw a need for fun literature for children to learn about the tide pool animals. After two years of research the See Into The Sea coloring book evolved.

Thanks to the support of the Marine Protection Officer of Laguna Beach and the Laguna Ocean Foundation the book is used to support education and protection of the tide pools.

I am currently writing lesson plans for the Laguna Ocean Foundation. The plans address the required standards for California elementary education. These “hands on” lessons will be taught at the tide pools. The purpose is to instruct and support other educational programs in the Laguna Beach vicinity.

Presently, I am the Director of the Reading Center at Chapman University. I am an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I am a volunteer for Hospice making flower arrangements for the ill.

My various projects are supported and encouraged by my husband, son and daughter.

“Sea” you at the tide pools.

Dawne Knobbe

I am an active board member with the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and president of The Nature Kid Press.

I have a B.A. in Creative Writing and a Masters in Professional Writing. After I earned my B.A., I worked as a copywriter and then as the Creative Director for two different radio stations, and have written several thousand broadcast ads including radio and television.

I am the proud co-founding member of the Sand Scribes children's writing group and the author of teen novel Runaway Storm with two more Y.A. novels in the works, Zapped and Runaway Fire. Crazy Crustaceans is a new addition to my writing accomplishments.

I hang my beach hat in Huntington Beach where I live with my husband John and wonderful kids, Allie and James. When I'm not adventuring out in the wilderness I am relaxing at home with my 3 dogs and a good book.

“Take only photos, leave only foot prints.”



Ocean Promotion Through Wacky Notions

School Visit
School Visit

school visits

Help us turn the tide with Ocean Awareness…one tide pool at a time by booking a school visit.

For great ocean learning and fun, invite author Molly and Dawne to your classroom. They’ll bring along two tide pool friends who like to hang out in other people’s shells. Plus, your class will be introduced to a whole slew of unusual and wacky facts about our friends in the tidal zones.

Author/Zone Team visit $250

*For presentations outside of Orange County a minimum booking of 4 presentations required,
as well as transportations costs and lodging costs if necessary.


“My daughters thought it was great! They love to draw and my first grader specifically has drawn numerous pictures of the sea since your visit. My husband is surfer and we both love the fact that she is becoming more interested in the sea and the sea creatures who live there.” Sue Balloch (mom)

Aussie schools can invite author/illustrator Svett. Contact us for details.

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